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Diaspora Target Savings Account: Your Path to Financial Success

Are you looking to achieve your financial goals while staying connected to your roots? Look no further than the Diaspora Target Savings Account, designed specifically for individuals like you who want to save smartly and support their homeland.

Whether you're planning for your future, wants embark on real estate construction anywhere in Nigeria, purchase of an asset, supporting your family back home, or investing in your community, our account offers a range of benefits tailored to your needs.

Diaspora Target Savings Account (DTSA) will allow different stakeholders/investors who live abroad to save the money they may want to use in the execution of certain projects e.g. building construction, land purchase, cars purchase, furnishing of houses, etc. The advantage is that at the point where the savings target is achieved and complete, the investor will instruct Mezcredit to start the project execution or purchase of an asset and Mezcredit will help with the execution of the project from beginning to the end. Mezcredit will arrange for every worker that will execute the project the investor had in mind before embarking on the Diaspora Target savings.

Features of Diaspora Target Savings Account

  • Confidentiality of the Trust and safety of assets are duly preserved.
  • Activities undertaken under the Trust are subject to a pre-agreed project template that would be drawn up in a legally binding document called an Investment/Trust deed.
  • Project report and progress will be made available on demand at any time.
  • For real estate investments (Land purchase or building construction] such will be undertaken and carefully supervised by MEZCREDIT, leveraging on other professionals and accredited business partners.
  • For purchase of an Asset, payment is made directly to our accredited vendors and delivered to your desired destination.
  • Option of a lump sum or flexible fixed contributions over time, or even a standing payment order through your bank.
  • Professional management and guidance on achieving your Target objective.
  • Online access to view account.


  • Confidentiality of the Trust and Assets are preserved
  • This product relieves our customer of any stress and anxieties often experienced in undertaking investment back home while abroad
  • Funds can either be invested in USD or Naira denominated assets at the preference of the client.
  • The investment target is assured in line with your mandate/instruction
  • Flexible entry and exit option of Investment.
  • Management of your assets while alive and upon demise.
  • Asset distribution and speedy transfer of assets to heirs or beneficiaries in advent of demise of the customer.
  • Investment target generates interest at prevailing market rate.

Get started

Join the Diaspora Target Savings Account community today and embark on a journey towards financial empowerment while supporting your homeland. Start saving smartly, connect with your roots, and make a lasting impact on your community. Together, let's build a brighter future for all.

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