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This will allow stakeholders/investors from different sectors and assured of interest and guaranteed principle repayments. This product will help MEZCREDIT to mobilize multiple funds to promote long & medium-term investments for our customers.

  • Issued by MEZCREDIT in consideration of the investment provided by the investor upon the terms of MEZCREDIT agreement, funding contract and the terms and conditions of the "Investment note"
  • The holder of an investment note may decide on the interests will be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually or upon maturity as specified upon issuance and confirmed in confirmation statement. The longer the maturity term the higher the rate. The minimum tenure for an "Investment Note" would be 2 years.
  • The investment Note signed between MEZCREDIT and the investor will bear the following;
    1. Asset class-Fixed Income
    2. Inception- Year
    3. Note balance-NGN
    4. Financial returns- rate(%) at terms of 2-10yrs
    5. Impact-measured consistently and report (monthly, quarterly & annually
    6. performance-100% repayment principle & interest
    7. Fees- fees may be applicable where necessary
    8. confirmation statement


  • Tenor of 60 – 360 days with an option of roll-over.
  • Competitive interest rate for investments.
  • Option of monthly interest paid into desired customer’s account while deposit is ongoing.
  • Backend interest with principal at the end of the tenor.


  • Earn high interest per annum
  • Better interest rate than your regular savings account.
  • You can choose how long you want to put your money away for.
  • You can choose how you want to receive your interest.
  • Fixed interest rate.

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