Microcredit Loan

Mezcredit Finance Limited extends very small loans (Microcredit) to micro businesses such as traders, artisans, etc. who are unable to complete paper work required by conventional loans, who lack collateral, or a verifiable credit history. It is also tailored to support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty. This is a short-term facility offered to traders in pre-approved market locations and supermarkets who deal in fast moving goods. Collateral for the facility shall be legal mortgage on shop title documents (with Perfected Title).

Requirements For Microcredit Loan

  • Duly Completed Mezcredit Loan Application Form
  • A recent passport photograph.
  • 6 months bank statement
  • Valid means of Identification
  • A recent utility bill.
  • A clean credit report.
  • Legal mortgage on shop title documents (with Perfected Title).
  • Guarantor passport and identification,
  • Post-dated Cheque for Monthly Repayment


Our expertise in research is at the core of our value proposition to our esteemed clients seeking loans. With our keen insights and timely advice, our analysts generate reports that clients rely on to make objective and well-informed borrowing decisions.

  • Loan tenor of up to 12 months
  • Fast asset pickup within 48 hours of submitting completed documentation
  • Purchase assets from The Brook Finance accredited vendors with warranties and active after-sales service
  • All assets purchased will be registered and insured in the name of The Brook Finance Limited (ownership transferred upon complete repayment)
  • Competitive and transparent interest rates

Personal Loan

Get the financial support you need with MezCredit personal loans. We offer competitive rates, flexible repayment options, quick approval, and no collateral requirements. Apply online today for a hassle-free borrowing experience and take a step closer to achieving your personal goals.

Corperate Loan

MezCredit offers corporate loans with capital for business expansion, working capital support, and customized options. Competitive rates, flexible repayment terms, streamlined applications, and collateral options are available. Contact MezCredit for specific details and take your business to new heights.